Month: April 2015

Surface Pro 3 Charms

Ever wonder what people mean when they mention charms in relation to your Surface? To open the Charms swipe from the right side of your screen. Charms are also available on the external keyboard. 

  • Search – searches various places of the operating system and the Internet, unless an app is open. If the app sports search then it might search within that app. 
  • Share – share content with various apps.  For instance, email, Twitter, etc. 
  • Start – opens the Windows Start screen.
  • Devices – opens the device settings bar, which includes specific features like printing, projecting the screen to an external display or playing media in media player apps.
  • Settings – the settings bar will let users change Surface Pro 3 settings like device settings, the look and feel of the user-interface, or open Control Panel.