Cloud App Security

The terms “cloud” and “apps” are common place among users. However, the use of the cloud and apps are a nightmare for technology professionals. Document sharing is extremely easy with cloud apps like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Here are some interesting statistics regarding the sharing of corporate documents by data exposure type:

  • 74% internal. An example of a sensitive file inadvertently shared within an organization could be a payroll document.
  • 17% external. An example is when files are shared outside the organization, such as with a vendor or a contractor. A risk example is a document being sent to a contractor after termination of the agreement.
  • 9% public. This is the riskiest and potentially costliest form of exposure. The information is open to anyone on the internet with a link to the exposed content, which search engine crawling can easily spread.

“Elastica calculated that on average the financial impact to a company due to data exposure was $13.85 million.

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