Office 365 vs. Google for Work: A cloud comparison for small businesses published an article comparing Office 365 and Google. More and more mall and medium sized businesses are using Office 365 and Google versus more traditional software because of the price and accessibility. Google is the cheaper of the two. However, both are very reasonable. Below is the article conclusion:

“The price of Google’s entry-level plan costs roughly 17 percent less per user than Microsoft’s entry offering. When it comes to storage on entry-level plans, Microsoft nearly doubles Google. Bottom line: Price, storage, access and flexibility are important considerations for small businesss seeking cloud tools. However, in many cases the differences in features between Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are not as important as platform familiarity.”

Before you use Office 365 or Google for work consider the security, disaster recovery and customer service. 

Food for Thought

According to ProofPoint, Office 365 is great for email, but lacks important security measures. 

“Microsoft does reserve the right to scan your files for ‘objectionable content’ (as does Apple iCloud) which could lead to deletion of the data and your account. That is seen by many as a reason to look elsewhere as file security cannot be guaranteed if the content provider deems it objectionable (Source).”

“How much of the security of a service such as Google Drive, which uses a single account to access multiple services, depends on the user protecting that login (Source).”

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