Businesses Relying on Technologists for Leadership

Technology has been integrated into virtually every aspect of businesses. Everything is moving to the cloud and must be accessible from mobile devices. It is important to have a plan for securing, deploying, and maintaining laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Forbes published an article today, Business Leaders Step Into Technology While Technologists Step Into Leadership Roles highlighting the importance of involving the technology department in business decisions. In addition, business executives are becoming more involved in technology decisions as well. 

The CompTIA report states that: “new technologies such as cloud and mobility account for nearly all projected revenue growth in the IT.”
In the Forbes article, the CIO of a manufacturing company stated:

“The alignment of business and IT is all about striking the right balance. I think it’s a good balance in our company. It has evolved over time because both sides have gotten wiser. The business has an appreciation for what we’re doing, and we have an appreciation for their needs. In a lot of companies, it’s difficult for CIOs to show the value of IT. They are so focused on keeping the lights on, which means IT is a cost-reduction story rather than an innovation story. Once you commit to innovation cycles between business and IT, the innovation can happen even faster.”

Or, as the CIO of a city government agency expressed it very nicely:

“When you’re growing as a person you’re more inclined to think like an innovator. IT has to help spark that.”

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