Benefits of Microsoft Surface for Healthcare

Those employed in the healthcare field require technology that will help them meet regulations, standardize procedures, streamline processes, and keep information secure. A single, versatile device that runs robust business software enables physicians and pharmaceutical reps alike to move through their day with maximum efficiency.

Role Target Device
Physicians Surface Pro 4
Nurses Surface 3
Home Health Surface 3, Surface 3 LTE
Pharma Sales Surface Pro 4

Why use Microsoft Surface?

Maximize physician efficiency. A day in the clinic is improved by:

  • Fewer device logins, which means seeing more patients
  • The ability to use full versions of clinical desktop software and apps
  • Built-in security to protect patient data
  • A device with multiple input modes –touch, type, write
Enhance nurse productivity. Nursing teams benefit from Surface because:
  • A single device can be shared by multiple users with separate accounts
  • It can be sanitized with standard hospital disinfectants
  • It converts easily from tablet to laptop to meet any need
  • It runs on the familiar Windows platform

Empower home health. Mobile healthcare providers enjoy:

  • Surface durability and reliability for a job on the go
  • Versatility between tablet and laptop mode to support the need at hand
  • A long battery life to support extended periods out of the office
Supercharge Pharma sales. Reps impress and succeed with:
  • A single device that works as a tablet and a laptop
  • An HD touchscreen for engaging presentations
  • A digitizer pen that captures customer signatures
  • A powerful desktop experience for mobile productivity
  • USB ports and docking station to connect to peripherals

Who is Using Microsoft Surface?

  • Physician efficiency: Dr. Brian Keefe discusses how Surface increased his productivity and patient engagement –allowing him to see more patients while improving his work/life balance. Hear Dr. Keefe’s story.
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC): 2000 Surface Pro 3 devices were used to deploy their innovative Convergence application doctors use to access patient information.
  • Aegis Living: Long term care facility uses Surface to manage the distribution of medications to all their residents, replacing paper based medication records and manual prescription auditing.

Request Microsoft Surface Pricing for Healthcare


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