Day: June 2, 2017

Tips & Tricks: How to enable autohide behavior for the Dock

To enable Dock autohide, right click on the Dock separator and select Turn Hiding On. You can also do so via System Preferences → Dock, or simply use the Option (⌥)+Command (⌘)+D keyboard shortcut for quick hiding and revealing.


Tech Terms: Software Definded Servers

A marketing term coined by HP for its ultra-low power Project Moonshot servers developed for specific data center workloads such as cloud computing and big data. The HP Moonshot software-defined servers use 89 percent less power and 80 percent less space than traditional server systems and reduce complexity by 97 percent.

Benefits of Software Defined Servers
Software-defined servers achieve these feats by sharing a variety of components, including cooling and networking and power supplies, as well as management software such as HP’s Integrated Lights-Out software tools. Software-defined servers derive their name from these shared software management tools, which are able to dynamically assign and efficiently manage workloads across the servers in a system.