Day: October 1, 2017

Tips & Tricks: iOS 11 Phone

SOS – If you go to the Phone section of Settings an ‘Auto Call’ option exists which will dial 911 if the Sleep / Wake / Power button is pressed quickly five times.

Auto Answer – Not many users will want this enabled, but if you suffer from a disability it could prove vital. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Call Audio Routing -> Auto-Answer Calls and you can set a time period of up to 60 seconds by when calls will be answered automatically.


Tech Terms: Hyper-convergence

Hyper-convergence (or hyperconvergence) is a type of infrastructure system that is largely software-defined with tightly-integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources. This stands in contrast to a traditional converged infrastructure, where each of these resources is typically handled by a discrete component that serves a singular purpose.
Hyper-convergence is also called hyper-converged infrastructure.

Benefits of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Systems
Elimination of infrastructure silos and the need for discrete components.
Data processing with a single-policy engine.
Creation of a virtualization-ready environment with highly efficient scalability.

Shift in management paradigm from a hardware approach to an application-focused one, with centralized management, policies and mobility conducted at the virtual machine level.

Potential CapEx and OpEx Cost savings resulting from streamlined acquisition, deployment, management and support costs as well as reduced complexity, interoperability issues and operational expenses.

Vendors of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Systems
Some of the well-known established hyper-converged infrastructure vendors include Nutanix, SimpliVity and Scale Computing. VMware entered the hyper-converged infrastructure market recently as well, with the launch of its EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK hyperconverged offerings, which respectively serve as an all-in-one virtualization solution and a full-scale software-defined data center (SDDC) in a box.

Hyper-Converged System Vendors
Hyper-converged systems are typically served in a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor. Some companies offer additional technologies in their hyper-converged infrastructure systems beyond compute, storage and networking resources such as data deduplication and compression and WAN optimization.