Day: January 5, 2018

Tips & Tricks: iPhone X Notifications

Part of the Face ID issue is that you cannot see notifications at a glance until your face is recognized.

This is a security feature, enabled by default, and some would say it is a smart one. But it can also be incredibly annoying.

Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews, then choose Always. Remember that after doing so, your notifications will appear with previews even when your phone is locked.

Tech Terms: Platform

The underlying hardware or software for a system. For example, the platform might be an Intel 80486 processor running DOS Version 6.0. The platform could also be UNIX machines on an Ethernet network.
The platform defines a standard around which a system can be developed. Once the platform has been defined, software developers can produce appropriate software and managers can purchase appropriate hardware and applications.

The term is often used as a synonym of operating system. The term cross-platform refers to applications, formats, or devices that work on different platforms. For example, a cross-platform programming environment enables a programmer to develop programs for many platforms at once.