Day: January 15, 2018

Tips & Tricks: Android Load links in the background for more efficient browsing

Being able to load multiple pages from your social media feed, without leaving the feed at all – really is something that everyone should have.

Enter Flynx, a free app that allows you to click on a link and have it quietly load while you continue reading. When the page has loaded, Flynx will notify you with a pop up so you can have a look. When you’re done, you can drag it down to close it and go back to reading the original article.

Tech Terms: Server Administrator

A server administrator, or server admin, has the job responsibility of managing and monitoring the performance of the computer servers in a company’s data center.

Also referred to as a systems administrator, server administrators work with servers and networks on a daily basis to ensure that the systems run efficiently and continue to operate without downtime or performance degradation.

Salary and Job Responsibilities for Server Administrators
Server administrator job responsibilities and typical tasks can include maintaining software and security updates, monitoring server activity and ensuring the availability of client/server applications, auditing server security, developing and refining processes for the ongoing management of the server and data center environment, and designing and installing new server implementations as needed.
Most routine server administration tasks are conducted during business hours, but server admins may be asked to work during weekends or weeknights to complete system upgrades or address major issues during these non-peak use times.

The average salary range for server administrators is currently approximately $65,000 a year, and server admins can pursue additional systems and server administration certifications through Microsoft, Cisco and similar companies to improve their potential for hire or increase their annual salary.