Day: January 30, 2018

Tips & Tricks: Read and Send Messages Android

Google Assistant doesn’t just send messages with ease, it can also read messages with equal ease. All you have to do is say something along the lines of “read the text messages for today”. What’s more, you can even use the same conversation to reply to one of them.


Tech Terms: Direct Message

In computer and Internet phrases there are multiple definitions for the DM abbreviation, including the following:

  1. On the Twitter Web site (a free social messaging tool), DM is short for direct message, and it is used to send a private tweet (Twitter update) to a person you are following. You can view DMs from the Messages tab of your Twitter profile. You can also choose to receive email notification of new messages.
  2. Short for deathmatch, it is a type of gameplay mode found in first-person-shooter games.