Month: November 2017

Tips & Tricks: iPhone Track Pad Feature

Did you know the iPhone keyboard can double as a trackpad? With this feature, you can move the cursor more accurately and jump to bits of text, all without having to tap on the screen. To use it, you need an iPhone with 3D Touch capabilities, and this trick also works on any iPad.

On the iPhone, firmly press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to activate the trackpad. Then drag your finger around to move the cursor through the text. On an iPad, drag down on the keyboard with two fingers to activate trackpad mode.

Tech Terms: Customer Analytics

In CRM (customer relationship management) the term customer analytics —also called CRM analytics — is used to describe an automated methodology of processing data about a customer in order to make better business decisions.
Customer analytics exploits behavioral data to identify unique segments in a customer base that the business can act upon. Information obtained through customer analytics is often used to segment markets, in direct marketing to customers, predicate analysis, or even to guide future product and services offered by the business.

Customer analytics is considered to be a type of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), a category of software tools that provides analysis of data stored in a database. It is also an important element of a CRM system.


Tech Terms: Web Analytics

Web analytics is a generic term meaning the study of the impact of a website on its users. Ecommerce companies and other website publishers often use Web analytics software to measure such concrete details as how many people visited their site, how many of those visitors were unique visitors, how they came to the site (i.e., if they followed a link to get to the site or came there directly), what keywords they searched with on the site’s search engine, how long they stayed on a given page or on the entire site and what links they clicked on and when they left the site.

Web Analytics Software
Web analytic software can also be used to monitor whether or not a site’s pages are working properly. With this information, Web site administrators can determine which areas of the site are popular and which areas of the site do not get traffic. Web analytics provides these site administrators and publishers with data that can be used to streamline a website to create a better user experience.


Tips & Tricks: Windows 10 Calibrate Touchscreen

If you are having an inaccurate response using touch, use these steps to re-calibrate the device:

  • Open Control Panel. Click on Hardware and Sound.
  • Under “Tablet PC Settings,” click the Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input link.

  • Under “Display options,” select the display (if applicable).

Tip: Under “Details,” you can tell whether your screen has full support for pen and touch with Windows 10.

  • Click the Calibrate button.

  • Select the Touch input option.
  • In the white screen, tap the crosshair each time that is appears on the screen, and do not change the resolution during this process.

  • After the calibration process concludes, you’ll be given the choice to save the calibration data.
  • Once you’ve completed the steps, your touch-enabled device should more accurately register touch inputs.


Tech Terms: Currated Commerce

In electronic commerce (ecommerce) terminology, curated commerce refers to creating unique product lines that provide customers with a distinct collection not offered by other online retailers in a market.

The demand for personalization in online shopping is a driving factor behind curated commerce. Retailers often use marketing tactics such as email marketing to show a selection of curated products to customers based on personal taste and purchase history with the retailer.

Curated commerce helps shoppers discover products based on their personal preferences. The profile is usually based on images. A retailer’s items are then curated and offered. Curated commerce is often compared to the online version of shopping in exclusive and personal boutiques.


Tips & Tricks: Night Light Mode

Night Light spares your eyes as you browse the evening away. It swipes functionality from the beloved f.lux app to adjust your screen’s color temperature during after-dark computing sessions. That makes it easier to fall asleep when you’re done.

To activate Night Light, head to Settings > System > Display. Once you’ve done so, open the feature’s settings to fine-tune its behavior. PCWorld’s Night Light primer can help walk you through your options.

Tech Terms: Cyber Monday

In retail and online shopping the Monday immediately following Thanksgiving (or the Monday immediately following Black Friday) in the United States is referred to as Cyber Monday. This is a busy day for online retailers as it was initially perceived as the day when employees would return to work and shop online for the items they did not purchase on the preceding Black Friday. The term Cyber Monday was first coined by and first used in 2005.


Tips & Tricks: iOS 11 Drop & Drag

You know you can drag and drop in the iPad now, but you might not know how useful that can be: when you are dragging from one app to another, the destination app’s icon is spring-loaded.

That means if you drag a photo over Notes and keep your finger pressed, Notes will allow you to open a specific note to drag the photo into.

Tech Terms: Assortment Intelligence

In electronic commerce (ecommerce) terminology, assortment intelligence refers to a set of tools and software used to help online retailers track a competitor’s inventory and product supply. The software, in real-time, uses artificial intelligence, data-mining, and image-recognition algorithms allowing retailers to view, compare and analyze the differences between inventory.

Assortment intelligence reporting tools can then help a retailer determine what products competitors have — and do well on — and decide if they should add these products to an existing catalog.

Compare with Assortment Optimization
Assortment intelligence may also be referred to as assortment optimization; however, the focus of optimization is to ensure a retailer finds the optimal set of products to be carried and the correct levels of inventory for each product.